Trigeminal Neuralgia / Facial Pain / Headaches – Case Study

“Shirley” was a 58 year old female with a 15 year history of debilitating facial pain diagnosed variously as neuropathy in neck, ear and face, trigeminal neuralgia and neurological headaches.  She had been told that having all of her teeth removed was a possible solution. On her intake she wrote, “Many, many doctors.  My whole life is completely ruined by this.”  Her right-sided pain extended from the posterior and anterior neck to the mastoid bone, into the ear (at times), and it branched from the TM joint to the cheek and to the lower jaw.   During exacerbations, she often experienced pain behind the right eye and frontal headaches, and she reported depression, stress and thoughts of suicide, low energy, poor sleep and multiple digestive disturbances.

“Shirley” was treated with laser therapy, acupuncture and sometimes bio-electromagnetic therapy.  Pain scores which had been as high as 10 were reduced following treatment, and her baseline pain level improved.  “It’s given me back my life,” she said. She was discharged after 14 visits and has treated herself at home with an LED system.  Five months later she reported that although she still has had bad days, her quality of life, energy level, mood and comfort are better than they have been in some time.