I have been coming to David Rindge for all pain and virtually anything else health related since he first successfully treated my hands, back and sinuses with laser therapy in 2001.  The reason I continue to come to David is that his treatment with low level laser, led and pulsed electromagnetic fields is more effective than anything else I know.  Lasers, leds and pulsed electromagnetic fields work because they stimulate the body to heal the problem.

In 2004, I experienced severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with gallstones and hospitalized.  The doctors told me that removing my gallbladder was the only option.  David’s treatment with lasers and pulsed electromagnetic fields was immediately effective, alleviating all pain and discomfort.  I stayed on a clean diet for months, and everything was great.  Had I not gone back to my old ways of eating and, after suffering the consequences, decided to go ahead with removal of my gallbladder, I might still have it, and David might never have had to treat for pancreatitis which was successfully resolved with his laser and PEMF later.

I haven’t had a major health challenge like that since and hopefully never will, but I work my body extremely hard at certain times of the month in my duties publishing a monthly magazine. After an auto crash in 2000, I was diagnosed with trauma induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I spoke to many people who did and did not have the surgery. I opted not to have it and 18 years later know that was the right decision for me. One year I developed trigger thumb on the right hand,  which was painful for 2 weeks. David healed it in one session, never to return. When I have the occasional carpal flare up, David’s lasers, leds and PEMF have always made short work of any pain which I experience, usually in my paws, wrists, arms and shoulders.

I try to stay away from traditional American medical care.  David helps me do that. He not only treats my body, he explains what he’s doing and why. He discusses options and alternatives.  He’s the only doctor I see. I can’t speak highly enough of him as my trusted physician. He can help you with almost any pain and many other health issues, too.

Andrea de Michaelis
Publisher, Horizons Magazine
Palm Bay, FL

March 29, 2013
“I had a case of sciatica and I had to leave my job.  I tried a chiropractor and was directed by my doctor to a back surgeon.  He said I had no chance of ever recovering and I would have pain all my life.  He recommended epidural shots whenever the pain got too much to handle.  That is when I called David.  After two visits I felt great.  I got on my bicycle and even mowed the grass.”
Larry A. Knox
Melbourne, FL
September 24, 2012
“You treated me in 2011 for mild global hypokinesis.  You used laser therapy in 10 treatments.  I had my first EKG done today and i received a clean bill of health!  Thanks much for your friendship and good heart.”
Jose Dieppa
Indian Harbor Beach, FL

June 4, 2012

I visited the Center for Cooperative Medicine ~ 4 years ago; I (and my family) suffered with chronic migraine headaches for over 30 years.  They affected my quality of life.  I was taking, on average, 9 (nine) Replax tablets per month.  I knew I couldn’t continue in this manner, did some research and found David Rindge at the Center for Cooperative Medicine.  I read several of the articles in his Laser Library and decided it sounded like a very positive solution.  David was wonderful and thoughtful; he took time to explain the benefits of Light Laser (in conjunction with acupuncture) and walked me through the entire process.  It was painless and believe it or not, many times relaxing!
I am delighted to say that after about 10 treatments my migraine pain was virtually eliminated.  I have ~ 3 migraines per year now (brought on my exercise and diet issues).  My husband was skeptical at first, I am an RN and he couldn’t believe that I would pursue this course of treatment.  Well, the results have made him a believer; he is amazed at the results.
I am seeing David now for Rotator Cuff issues and feel very confident that his treatment will prevent an unwanted surgery and eliminate my shoulder and arm pain.
Thanks are not enough; bless you David, for dedicating your life to helping those who are in pain.
Cindy Dunn, RN
Cocoa Beach, FL

My chief complaint was pain in both feet due to both severe plantar fasciitis and the results of a failed surgery. Symptoms included ongoing soreness, circulation irregularities, burning, pulling & aching during and after weight bearing.

The methods I tried before include custom orthotics, stretching, massage, hot/cold baths, night splints, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave treatment) hypnosis and surgery. None of the above methods produced any significant ongoing relief since the onset of this condition almost six years ago.

The positive results of my treatments at the Center for Cooperative Medicine have been and continue to be dramatic. I am truly amazed (and joyful) over the significant reduction of all the above symptoms! My pain level is minimal and my feet seem to be continuously getting stronger and more fully functional. It has been four years since my surgery and there is simply no other explanation for this kind of improvement. Laser acupuncture works! Furthermore, I always look forward to my appointments because David, Sheila and Margaret provide such a caring and professional environment. Thank you!


Rose Mantle
Melbourne Beach, FL

David first treated me successfully for pain in both wrists which had been misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. A respiratory infection and lingering cough were resolved in a single treatment. Similarly, David was able to restore normal function and feeling to a dislocated thumb in one session.

But in 2004 when I experienced severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with gallstones and pancreatitis, David really proved himself. His treatment with acupuncture, laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic fields was immediately effective at alleviating all pain and discomfort. With David’s advice and encouragement, I have gotten rid of 50 pounds, revolutionized my diet and adopted a truly healthy lifestyle.

Andrea de Michaelis
Publisher, Horizons Magazine
Palm Bay, FL

April 26, 2012

Dear David,

Just a note to say thank you for your help in getting rid of all the pain I was in. I am doing great! Eating, back to work and although there is some stiffness and a very small amount of pain at times, I feel great.

I saw the neurosurgeon…He was pleased I had been to you for treatment. He has great regard for Chinese medicine.

“No surgery” (Praise the Lord.)

I’m so glad Rafael went to you, and he was very pleased. He felt better after his first treatment.

Beverly Ainsworth
Palm Bay, Florida

Anthony V. Ingoglia
4014 Overlook Drive NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32905

October 2, 2009

David Rindge
Center for Cooperative Medicine, Inc
279 N. Babcock Street
Melbourne, Florida 32935


I want to thank you so much for the tremendous success I have experienced with the four ailments I have had over the past seven years utilizing your non-invasive treatments of low level laser and acupuncture. What a powerful combination! The chronic lower back problems I’ve experienced for almost 25 years was healed almost 100%. I find that my body weight and specifically, the size of my belly contributes to the remaining pain I experience from time to time in my lower back. The residual pain level of about a “three” (at its worse) is diminished by proper diet, stretching and exercise bringing the pain level to zero. It’s been seven years, since you treated my lower back condition that I have had a significant increase in mobility. With regard to the tennis and golf elbow conditions I developed about four years ago; they have completely healed since those treatments and I experience no pain, whatsoever.

The most recent planters faciitis and heel spur condition I developed about a year ago is almost completely healed after only four treatments. I’m almost speechless with the elation!

The freedom of movement throughout my aging body is a godsend. I want to tell the world about the results I have and continue to experience. It’s important for people to know just how relaxing and enjoyable your treatments are, too. Then, to offer patients a monetary credit for each referral they provide you, well, who can beat that! You truly exhibit a business entity that involves itself in the investment of others. Thank You.


Anthony Ingoglia
Palm Bay, Florida

Lower back pain and discomfort interfered with my ability to sit for any length of time. I felt I had nothing to lose after having gone through traditional medical treatments, and I would at least give David an opportunity. Wow! What a pleasant surprise to me that I can again be actually comfortable sitting-pain free for any length of time. I’m thankful that I no longer need to consider invasive surgeries that had been recommended by traditional medical professionals who had almost convinced me with x-rays of my spine showing deteriorations (age related.

I highly recommend Center for Cooperative Medicine as a place for healing.

Jan Sinclair, Sign Language Interpreter to the deaf,
Sarasota, Florida

I came to the Center for Cooperative Medicine because of back and neck pain. Results of treatment were great changes in muscles – they softened – + all pain gone. The answer I have been looking for for 18 years.

Margaret Munn,
Melbourne, Florida

David taught me to control my blood sugar and blood pressure naturally, and his treatment for my shoulder, back and knee pain was immediately effective. Sheila has helped me to find peace!

Judy Poyneer
Melbourne, FL

David was able to quickly eliminate the pain in my right shoulder as well as strengthening it so that I was able to compete and win in international competition.

Brad Stein, Professional Dancer
Indialantic, FL

After going to a medical doctor and a massage therapist, I still could not hear out of my left ear. After my first visit with David Rindge, I was able to hear!! Also, the TMJ pain that I had had for many years had disappeared! I visit David whenever I have a health concern. I always get clear answers to my questions. Whenever I have pain, David’s treatment is quick and effective.

Kim Modak, CDT, Amenities Salon
Melbourne, FL

You cannot imagine how it feels to be pain free and fear free after having spent my entire life under bondage of both. I just wanted to thank you and tell you I think you have one of the best and most wonderful programs anywhere. I have been in therapy off and one for years and nothing was able to help me before I came here. Sometimes I lay in bed and just think about how I feel no pain in my body and about how I don’t have the underlying fear nagging atme all my waking hours. Keep up the good work.

Barbara Roberts – Waitress
Melbourne, FL

Coming to you after severely re-spraining my ankle was one of the best health investments I have ever made. The swelling was reduced by half after the first treatment and half again after the second treatment. I was walking without crutches by day four.

Kathleen Rich-New, President, Clarity Works!
Merritt Island, FL

I was in a lot of pain for 3 years with arthritis and 5 pinched nerves in shoulders, head and upper back. I had been to many doctors, lots of physio therapy. I cannot take medication and don’t want to. They did not help at all.

With just 10 treatments I am feeling much, much better and I know I will continue to do so. David + Sheila are such caring people and they make you feel so positive about the future free of pain. Thank you, David and Sheila.

Margaret E. Weatherley, Retired
Melbourne, FL

David helped me overcome headaches and other stress-related health problems. My energy has improved 100% and my immune system is strong. Sheila and David Rindge genuinely care about the wellbeing of their clients. A visit to the Center for Cooperative Medicine is the best thing I can do to improve myself holistically. I am a returning client because it works for me!

Barbara Bingnear, WFIT
Melbourne, FL

As you well know, when I first called you from the hospital I was gravely ill. Your dietary advice, therapy and encouragement have completely reversed a condition that my medical doctors had been unable to address. I was healed-body, mind, and spirit!

Maxine Simone Boisson, Legal Assistant
Melbourne Beach, FL

It has now been over six weeks since my last treatment. I have not been using any anti-inflammatory medications for over the past two months, and my shoulder pain and elbow pain remain at a level ‘2’ and my thumb is pain free..…

I will be returning to David for more treatments as I have a new foot ailment to treat. The good news is that based on my previous experiences, I anticipate rapid improvement .

David’s enthusiasm for good health and pain-free living is a catalyst for change in the patients he treats.

Larry Campbell- Real Estate
Melbourne, FL

My name is Jack Lehr, and I am a snowbird from Columbus, Ohio. I retired after 35 years as a teacher and administrator in secondary education. I injured my hamstring running up a flight of stairs. Sixteen months of pain, two visitis to a Sports Med Orthopedic Surgeon, multiple visits to a physical therapist, and fifteen plus visits to chiropractor did not improve my situation. I even had a full body bone scan. Out of sheer frustration, I decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I had never talked to anyone about acupuncture. So, I started this new endeavor by reading books on TCM. Next, I visited several TCM local offices and determined that I was most comfortable in the office of David Rindge on Strawbridge Avenue in Melbourne.

I had a total of nine treatments. After the second treatment, the five inch long and inch in diameter knot in my hamstring disappeared. This was the same knot that the sports med physician x-rayed a year earlier to make sure it was not calcified. Following that treatment, I was able to walk at a decent pace for periods of thirty minutes or more without any pain during or following exercise. It had been almost a full year since I was able to do that.

David also worked on both shoulders and my wrist with good results. All three have improved in flexibility. David was totally dedicated to getting me to feel better.

Treatment included both laser and needle acupuncture. Both were pain free. Over the course of nine visits, I had over a hundred needles (an estimate since most of the needles were put into my back and back of my leg) placed in various parts of my body and I only felt one. It gave me a sensation as though someone was pulling a hair from the back of my neck.

Am I happy? I am totally elated. David, Sheila and Rhonda, thank you.


Jack Lehr – Retired
Columbus, Ohio

I came to the Center for Cooperative Medicine because of Meniere’s – had daily dizzy spells. Results of treatment were excellent – had no dizzy spells since 1st treatment.

Lotte Lopez – Retired
Indian Harbor Beach, FL

3 times doctors overmedicated me with strong BP pills. Twice I almost died + last time they gave me a cardiac arrest because nobody bothered to check my medical history which shows I cannot tolerate high dosage medicines + beta blockers are lethal (was given pills in hospital causing cardiac arrest.) Each time I went to David + he cured me, first when I had chronic diarrhea + lost 30 lbs, second when I was I so weak I need nursing help (the herbals cured me) + third after the cardiac arrest + when I had gum infection + bad cough. I am so afraid of doctors + dentists. The only person I trust is David because he listens + takes care of all my symptoms with herbals + acupuncture which cannot hurt me.

Stephanie Guba
Palm Bay, Florida

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