Muscle Weakness and Wasting, Pain – Case Study

“Fay” was a 68 year old female with severe neck and shoulder pain whose chief complaints were weakness and muscle wasting, especially in the right arm, hand and fingers and the inability to grip objects or write.  Her hands were hot and painful when touched.  She said that tentative diagnoses of complex regional pain syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis had been proposed, and she reported that she had rheumatoid arthritis after sharing labs with me in which her erythrocyte sedimentation rate (52) and rheumatoid factor (21.7) were elevated.  Laser therapy was administered over the stellate ganglion initially and later with direct contact to the affected arm, hand and fingers as pain eased.  She also received acupuncture and bio-electromagnetic therapy.

“Fay’s” vitamin D level tested low (18), and she began supplementing with 10,000 i.u. of D3 daily.  She also began a routine of swimming and water aerobics.  She was discharged after 24 visits and credits laser therapy plus exercise with a complete turnaround in her health.  Pre-treatment pain scores at her last few visits were 1-2 versus 8-9 at the outset of therapy, and she has regained muscle mass and the use of her hands, even to sew and paint watercolors.