Laser Therapy & Meniere’s Disease – A Personal Report

updated 7/26/2011

“I am a 45 yo female who had very healthy, non-problem ears until my first vertigo attack,  6 years ago (2004). It happened in the spring when the pollen came out. I was very congested in my right ear for about a week before it happened. One night, around 3 o’clock in the morning, I woke up to use the restroom and as I stood up the room started spinning. I didn’t know what was happening- I thought I was dying. I crawled to the bathroom and began vomiting. My husband was going to call an ambulance but it stopped after about 30 minutes. Exhausted, I went to bed. My doctor told me it was allergies and put me on decongestants and anti-histimines. I was fine after that until 3 years later when the same thing happened again. After that it happened yearly. I would take decongestants and get through the spring. Then one year it happened 3 times in January (2008) when I had a cold. The following year in December (2008), I had a bit of humming tinnitus that came on but then went way. That January (2009) I experienced strange, sonic whistles that would come through my right ear. I didn’t know what was going on. That February (2009), I got a bad case of the flu and had a fever for a week. One month later, after one vertigo episode in the midst of the March pollen, I woke up to humming tinnitus again. Within 2 weeks, the tinnitus changed and got terribly loud. I woke up to loud horn sounds that terrified me. I was a mess. I finally went to the ENT. I had severe low tone hearing loss in my right ear. I was at first diagnosed with Auto-Immune Inner Ear disease and put on Prednisone. Like magic, all my symptoms went away and my hearing returned to normal. However, as soon as I tapered off the prednisone, the symptoms returned. This went on for the whole summer until I realized I couldn’t stay on  prednisone any longer. I went to a ear specialist and was finally diagnosed with Menerie’s Disease. I was terrified. Desperate, I did some research and found that anti-viral medication like Famvir or Valtrex helped some people. I tried Famvir and within 6 weeks my symptoms were gone. But that only lasted for two weeks. Even while taking 500 mgs of Famvir, they came roaring back. I then tried a high dose of Valtrex based on Dr. Richard Gacek’s protocol. I had a few days in which I was symptom free but they returned again. I continued taking it anyway hoping for success. For a month I stayed a pretty high dose of 2000 mgs. I had one vertigo episode during this time and it was terrifying because I was driving. A couple of weeks later, I started a fast of green vegetables and my hearing started coming back in again, tinnitus decreasing. However, I couldn’t live off of only green veggies forever and as I added foods back in, the symptoms returned again.

Finally, I started low level laser light in May 2010 with my acupuncturist who has a Luminex laser. After 10 treatments my tinnitus decreased tremendously. In August I bought the MLS unit from Dr. Wilden and started treating my ears 5 days a week for 35 minutes each time. I have also continued to treat my ears at times with the Luminex which I eventually purchased in June 2011. Today 1 year, 2 months after starting treatment, my low tone hearing has recovered almost completely, the feeling of fullness and hyperacusis is gone, I have no vertigo at all and my tinnitus is at an all time low.

If you are reading this and suffer from Meneire’s, hearing loss or tinnitus, please research low level laser light and try it. I truly believe that this therapy has saved me from future years of suffering. It could help you too.”

Hearing is assessed objectively by audiometry.  Copied below with her permission are Casandra C’s audiograms before and after low level laser therapy.

Here are the results of my audiograms that show improvement using low level laser light.

Audiogram I had in February 2010 before any laser treatment:

Audiogram taken at the end of June 2010 one month after having LLLL with a Luminex unit:

Audiogram taken Nov. 5th 2010: Improvement of almost 20 decibels in some areas!

Audiogram taken Jan. 3, 2011 : Improvement continues with another 10 decibel increase in the 250, 500 and 750 frequencies.

My left ear also improved 10 decibels in the 250 range though all of these ranges have always been within normal limits.


Continued Improvements! So close to normal now. Both 250 and 500 range jumped another 10 decibels!!

This article and the audiograms above are posted here with the kind permission of the author, Cassandra C.    To learn more about Cassandra’s and others’ personal experience with laser therapy in hearing loss, tinnitus or Meniere’s disease and for additional information which may be helpful, you may with to visit her website, Healing Meniere’s.