Irradia MID-Laser

Irradia MID-Laser is a high performance, user-friendly laser therapy system which can operate two probes of the same type simultaneously.   In combination with one or two of Irradia’s signature, superpulsed GaAs 904 nm multiprobes, MID-Laser may resolve musculoskeletal pain rapidly.

Founded in Sweden in 1977, Irradia is one of the world’s most experienced and respected laser manufacturers. Lars Hode, Ph.D, renowned laser expert, physicist and co-author with Jan Tunér of The New Laser Therapy Handbook and Laser Therapy, Clinical Practice and Scientific Background, has been instrumental in Irradia product development.

Irradia’s superpulsed, 904 nm, GaAs multiprobe is the company’s signature product and may significantly shorten treatment times while improving outcomes in pain therapy. Learn more about Irradia’s GaAs Multiprobe.