Irradia GaAs Multiprobe

GaAs Laser Probes

Wavelength: 904 nm

Laser Type: Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs)

Peak Output Power:  20 Watts x 4 for Multi Probe.  20 Watts x 1 for Single Probe.

Average Output Power: 60 milliWatts x 4 = 240 mW for Multi Probe.  60 milliWatts x 1 for Single Probe.

Pulse Rate: 25-5000 Hz.

Frequency Modulation: Output power is constant at all pulse rates

Irradia MID-Laser with its GaAs laser probes is unique in that the average output power is constant over all frequency ranges.  This steady average output makes accurate dosage calculation easy.

Anyone seeking to administer optimal low level laser therapy will be interested to learn that the World Association for Laser Therapy’s recommended dosages for superpulsed, 904 nm GaAs-laser diodes are approximately 1/4 to 1/3 the recommended dosages for continuous wave lasers.  Superpulsed, 904 nm GaAs-laser diodes are believed to have the greatest depth of penetration and efficacy of all therapeutic lasers, mostly as a consequence of their very high peak power and also because of their relatively long wavelength.  See and compare WALT Dosage Recommendations 904 nm and WALT Dosage Recommendations 780-860 nm.  Irradia’s Superpulsed, 904 nm GaAs multiprobe may significantly shorten treatment times while improving outcomes .

Each of the four laser diodes in the Irradia 904 multiprobe is positioned exactly one centimeter apart.  This makes it easy to accurately administer 1.8 Joules/cm2 x 4 in 30 seconds and 2.4 Joules/cm2 in 40 seconds with a Multi Probe – dosages which may be ideal for most joint and soft tissue injuries.  Irradia’s superpulsed, 904 nm probes is intended to accurately deliver the desired dose, reduce treatment times and deliver optimal clinical results.  Highly recommended.