Interstitial Cystitis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue – Case Study

“Karen” was a 56 year old female diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia in 1996.  Her chief complaints were constant bladder pressure / discomfort with urgency and urinary frequency, often requiring a restroom visit every half hour or less.  To address these concerns, laser needle therapy was administered transcutaneously directly over the bladder.  Her pre-treatment pain score of  4 was reduced to 1 immediately following laser needle therapy.

She reported significant improvements in overall bladder comfort with less pain, pressure and spasming and increasing freedom from the need to urinate with regular laser needle treatment. “Karen” is a snowbird, spending part of the year in her Florida home close to our clinic and the balance in Pennsylvania.  She was seen for 34 visits between February and June 2010 before leaving for Pennsylvania.

Besides administering laser needles over the bladder, she received low intensity laser probe and LED treatment as well as bio-electromagnetic therapy for pain in her neck, both shoulders, low back, coccyx and both knees – as well as to address asthma, sinusitis and digestive issues.  Her pain scores generally improved following treatments, and she also reported better breathing, digestion, energy and mood.  She began to exercise regularly, including walking, working out on a rebounder and eventually jogging.

On February 28, 2011 “Karen” reported,  “I am doing well.  My bladder has been significantly better overall.  Before laser needle treatment I used to have a lot of pressure over the bladder, especially when rising to a standing position.  This has improved.  The biggest improvement lasted up until the cold weather which has always been very hard for me.  You should know that I was mostly house bound prior to beginning laser treatment.  When I started to exercise, I found that I could go farther and farther and choose where I wanted to go without thinking about my bladder or needing to urinate.  My energy has improved, and it’s still better.  My knees seldom bother me now and only a twinge if they do.  Shoulder and neck are better but could use more treatment.  I want others to know about the benefit of laser needles in IC and of laser light and magnetic fields.  I am dreaming of Florida sunshine, warmth, friends, birds, seashells, jogging, wonderful organic food and getting more pounds off the healthy way and of continued healing.”

Interstitial cystitis can be personally devastating.  In one survey of patients diagnosed with this condition, 55 percent reported that they had contemplated suicide, and 12 percent said they had actually attempted it;  40 percent were unable to work; 27 percent were unable to have sex because of pain;  27 per cent experienced a breakdown in their marriages.[1]

[1]  Self-care effectiveness and health outcomes in women with interstitial cystitis: implications for mental health clinicians. DCWT Brennan – Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 1998 – Informa Healthcare