In Acute Diarrhea

In severe, acute diarrhea[1], eating cooked white rice taken with applesauce made from raw apples is likely to resolve the situation rapidly.  If possible, use organic apples, and make the applesauce fresh in a blender before each meal.

Enlarge meals as the condition improves to include cooked vegetables, brown rice and other whole grains.  Include raw foods only when the condition is completely corrected.

Diarrhea is generally preventable, and it should never be allowed to persist. It depletes fluids, minerals and beneficial microflora in the gut.  To replace what has been lost:

1) Increase fluid intake.
2) Supplement with minerals.
3) Supplement with probiotics (available from a health food store; take as directed on the label.)

One of the consequences of diarrhea is the loss of the micro-architecture of the villi in the small intestine.  The result is impaired absorption of nutrients for a few days until the normal mucosal lining is restored.   Chronic diarrhea depletes existing reserves and prevents absorption of energy from food, causing malnutrition over time.  By preventing diarrhea in the first place and arresting it as quickly as possible whenever it occurs, one preserves vital energy and health.

[1] This information is offered for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or advice from a qualified, medical or health professional.   It is neither complete nor comprehensive, nor should it be relied on to propose a course of treatment for a particular individual.