“Let your food be your medicine.”

These were Hippocrates’ words over 2,000 years ago.  In our society we appear to pay more attention to choosing the right gasoline for our automobiles than to what we put into our bodies.

A typical American diet high in animal fat, dairy and processed foods is associated with many health problems.  Three out of five of us are overweight.  One of five is obese. Because of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and numerous other consequence of poor nutrition, today’s children may be the first generation whose life expectancy will be shorter than that of their parents.   Making a few, simple dietary changes can improve health dramatically.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” advises nutritionist-author, Michael Pollan.

How to rapidly improve health…[1]

1) Consume a wide variety of raw vegetables, fruit and nuts. See Why Raw Foods? 1/3 of each of these groups may be a good balance in the beginning.  Raw foods are the healthiest as they have all the enzymes and nutrients in their natural state which are lost once food is cooked.

2) Eliminate meat, dairy, processed and fast foods. If you are willing to do so and especially if you are facing a significant health challenge, seriously consider a raw, whole foods diet.  If you are not yet ready to cut them out completely, bring in more fruits, vegetables and nuts as you reduce their intake.  100% raw may not be everyone, and vegan or vegetarian, even cooked, can make a big difference.  Read labels.  Move away from high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, fried and fast foods.

3) Drink “enough” water. Though our needs are individual and no one can say exactly what yours are, by the time you have become thirsty, you are already seriously dehydrated. Some nutritionists recommend ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight as a baseline. Keeping a bottle of water with you and sipping throughout the day is a simple strategy to stay hydrated.  Unless you are certain that your tap water tests clean, drink spring or reverse osmosis (RO) water,

4) How you eat is important, not just what you eat.

a)     Plan ahead, never allowing yourself to go hungry or miss meals.
b)    Sit down, and slow down.  Reflux and many other digestive issues are directly associated with taking in too much food too quickly i.e. eating on the go – and with high stress.  Take time to chew and enjoy your food thoroughly!

5) Learn how to make a Green Smoothie! Using a high powered food processor (i.e. Vitamix or BlendTec) to make green smoothies can amplify the healing power of raw foods and is an easy way to increase the availability of nutrients and can amplify the healing power of raw foods.  If you are willing to test green smoothies as a dietary mainstay for a day or so, you are likely to experience significant health improvement first hand.  Observe how you feel.  If your energy, mood and clarity of thought are better, consider making green smoothies part of your routine.

Nutrition is fundamental because it ultimately determines your vital energy.  Most health challenges people face are the consequence of poor food choices over many years.  The quickest, perhaps only, way to reverse a condition brought on by diet is to give the body the resources it requires.

Incorporating foods is essential in any serious program to regain health.  Raw foods themselves are the highest in energy, and our bodies have developed over countless millennia to use them most efficiently just as nature provides them. Whereas cooking or processing foods reduces the nutrients naturally available and breaks down the enzymes we need to absorb them, going raw (or incorporating raw foods significantly3) may dramatically improve health and wellbeing.

Eating healthfully is not inherently as expensive as the popular misconception.  See What Separates a Healthy and Unhealthy Diet?  Just $1.50 per Day. The consequences of poor nutrition in terms of our health and dollars spent on medical care are far greater than the modest cost of quality food.

” The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”   – Thomas Edison

Local Healthy Food Resources and Dining

Melbourne Raw Food Meetup GroupMeets the first Friday of every month at 6:30-9:00 PM at:

Unity of Melbourne
1745 Trimble Road
Melbourne FL 32934

Anyone seeking to improve health and energy or simply curious about raw foods should experience first hand this monthly feast and open forum with many long-term raw foodists, vegans and vegetarians. Fun, practical information, great food and support for anyone seeking to reverse a health challenge or to better themselves.  Learn more about the Melbourne Raw Food Meetup Group.

Healthy Happy Human Organic Raw Vegan Café

1869 S. Patrick Drive
Indian Harbor Beach, FL 32937
(321) 779-0077
www.Happy Healthy Human.com

Happy Healthy Human deals in healing!  Expect delicious meals in this unique restaurant and purveyor of high quality organic fruits and vegetables.  Classes and other instruction are available.

[1] These recommendations are not a substitute for medical treatment or supervision by a qualified health professional.

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