Digestive Disorders

by David Rindge 1-15-11.  All rights reserved.

The efficient assimilation of vital energy and nutrients from food is fundamental to good health.   Chinese medicine, naturopathy, ayurveda and virtually all other naturally-oriented health traditions understand this.  They emphasize the importance of treating “the middle” whenever digestion or elimination is impaired.

Low intensity lasers, LED phototherapy and bio-electromagnetic therapy add energy to promote normal cellular function, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation,  enhance immunity and alleviate pain.  They may be the ideal methods to treat “the middle.”  Besides benefits reported in many specific digestive conditions, our experience suggests that administering low intensity laser, LEDs or bio-electromagnetic therapy over the abdomen may have profound benefits as a general health enhancing strategy, increasing vital energy by restoring healthy digestion and the efficient absorption of energy and nutrients.

To view what scientists and clinical researchers have reported about the effects of phototherapy and electromagnetic fields in a variety of specific gastrointestinal disorders, click on:

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The abdomen is relatively transparent to light at red and near infrared wavelengths.  Administering a therapeutic dosage of low intensity laser and LED phototherapy can be especially easy, and results may be rapid.

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Copyright 2011 by David Rindge.  All rights reserved.