Who is David Rindge?

“Our focus in the clinic is on energy-based therapies  including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy¹laser therapy²  and laser needle acupuncture because of the results we’ve seen and because of the science behind them.”

If you have been told, you’ll just have to live with pain, think again!  These methods which have been shown to help the body to heal in a broad range of painful conditions may provide real answers.    Learn more about in this Video – David Rindge and and Laser Therapy.

David Rindge, LAc, DOM, RN has 40-plus years experience as a registered nurse, perfusionist (operator of the heart-lung machine), clinical lab technologist, respiratory therapist, acupuncturist / doctor of oriental medicine, author and educator.  He has been the clinical director a the Center for Cooperative Medicine since we opened in 1999.

Our goal is safe, rapid, effective and affordable treatment

David Rindge believes that the surest way to raise the bar in health care is through the advancement of laser, led and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies.  He has been actively involved in the laser community since 1999 and trained health care professionals through Healing Light Seminars and written about these methods in Acupuncture Today since 2002.  A popular invited speaker nationally and internationally, David has served as board member and Secretary of the North American Association for Laser Therapy.  He is co-author of Laser Therapy; A Clinical Manual and past president of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association.

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Who is Henna?

Henna is a 21 year old, collie-malamute cross and the Public Relations Director and Official Greeter for the Center for Cooperative Medicine.  She demonstrates joy, beauty and loving kindness in all her relationships but may be on leave of absence at the time of this writing.