Combination High Power PEMF-LED Therapy

We are continually seeking to improve how we treat pain.  Discovering something new which is effective on its own and can enhance other methods is exciting.

Curatron system with Combo Probe

Bill shattered his calcaneus in a fall from a roof and came eleven months later and after foot reconstruction surgery with chronic pain he scored three on a zero to 10 scale.  After 10 minutes of therapy with the Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe, pain was gone.   Swelling was reduced, and color around his ankle improved appreciably right away.    Over a course of ten sessions, his heel, ankle and foot have continued to heal visibly.  Bill is thrilled, and so are we!

LED-PEMF Combined Probe Combo Probe - Side View Combo Probe - Back


The Combo Probe delivers extreme, high intensity, combined, handheld PEMF and LED therapy to target local pain.  The strength of the pulsed electromagnetic field at 150 milliTeslas is 3,000 times greater than earth’s – and the strongest we have ever seen in any applicator which could be held in one hand.  Besides intense PEMF, it produces 2 Watts of 640 nanometer, red led light synchronized with the field in a pulse sequence which changes every 60 seconds.

Self treating knee - Combo Probe Self treating neck with Combo Probe Self treating back Combo Probe

Treatment with the Combo Probe is usually quick and can often be unattended.  With instruction most of our patients have been able to treat themselves so long as the targeted joint or soft tissue is comfortably within reach.  We have found 10 minutes to be sufficient to reduce pain significantly most of the time.  Our patients have appreciatd the results and also clearly enjoy taking an active role in this treatment.

Case Study – Spinal Stenosis/Pain/Limited Mobility

Richard B was an 85 year old diabetic male with a history of spinal stenosis, back surgery and arthritis.  He had been essentially chair bound for several years during the day since his surgery in 2011.  His chief complaints were 1) difficulty in walking or standing for any length of time and 2) low back and leg pain and numbness which quickly intensified intolerably whenever he tried.  Richard slept in his chair much of the day.

With integrated treatment with the Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe along with laser therapy, Richard quickly regained mobility and resumed normal activities.  After his second visit, he installed a new faucet in a bathroom and began doing other work around the house again.   Richard decided he was ready to be discharged after just six treatments.  We were skeptical.   On follow up by phone one month later, he continues to be actively engaged in daily life, reporting little limitation or discomfort.  In light of his diagnosis of spinal stenosis and his clinical picture at the outset, the speed and degree of Richard’s recovery has been astonishing.

LED-PEMF Combined Probe Combination PEMF-LED Probe Specifications

  • Light emitting diodes: 50 x 640nm-40mW
  • Peak light power / Average light power: 2000 mW / 1000 mW.
  • Effective red light therapy area: 16 cm2 (~ 2½ inch2)
  • Peak / Average power density: 125 mW/cm2  / 62.5 mW/cm2
  • PEMF maximum intensity 150 milliTesla (1500 Gauss)
  • Pulse duty cycle: 50%.  Pulse frequency: 1 – 50 Hz
  • Device Size: Length 13 cm (5.1″), Width 12 cm (4.7″), Height 6.5 cm (2.5″) and 10 cm (4″) with the handle
  • Weight: 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs)