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Care which delivers rapid results, effectively and affordably is our mission!  See Testimonials to learn what our patients have to say.

If you have been told, “You’ll just have to live with pain or your health or a particular condition cannot be improved,” THINK AGAIN!   Our #1 focus since opening in 1999 has been to effectively treat pain and continually improve outcomes.

State-of-the-art, energy-based methods shown to heal a broad range of health conditions.


Arthritis, migraine and other headaches, nerve or soft tissue pain, acne, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, MS, osteoporosis, prostatic hypertrophy, psoriasis, tinnitus and Meniere’s are some of  the areas supported by science in which we are likely to be able to help.   Learn more about laser therapy,²  laser needle acupuncture and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy¹.

We listen.

On your first visit we set aside up to two hours.  The first 30-60″ is spent in consultation.   The second hour is for treatment.

An actionable plan.

You will receive actionable recommendations intended to help you achieve your goals following your first visit.  We will recommend self-healing practices, exercises and nutrition intended to be simple, cost-effective and fun  – not complex and expensive.

The commitment, experience, skills and knowledge to make a difference.  Helping people is our passion.  David Rindge has 40+ years health care experience as a registered nurse, perfusionist, clinical lab technologist, respiratory therapist, and doctor of oriental medicine.

Let’s bring out the best in one another.

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