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MID-Laser and blonde PEMF-LED Combo Probe Shantel treating Eunha Bronchitis - Little Girl w Laserneedles

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At the Center for Cooperative Medicine we specialize in low level laser, laser-needle acupuncture, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies, methods shown to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes with positive outcomes documented across a broad range of health conditions.

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We continually strive to improve our methods, equipment and outcomes.  We believe in what we do because of the outstanding results and lack of side effects we have seen over many years and because of the science in support of our methods.   Learn more by visiting:

Are you experiencing a health challenge and / or curious about how lasers, light emitting diodes, pulsed electromagnetic fields and high nutrient therapies may be applied in your situation?  We have expanded the schedule of our Lunch & Learn Events to weekly – though you will need to call to reserve your seat and confirm prior to the event.  

Yes, education and healthy, vegan food can and should be enlightening, fun and delicious!  Space is limited, and reservations are required.

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